Baraka- 2/1/2015

  • What messages do you get from the film “Baraka”? How does this relate to AP Environmental Science? I think Baraka shows how humans can thrive in the same world, but in different biomes through adaption and customs.The film showed multiple tribes and groups doing the same thing (living and attempting to thrive) but in different ways. It showed how human culture can lead humans to find different ways to adapt to their surroundings. This is closely related to what we study in class because it is a form of adaptation and survival of the fittest. For example the video showed tribes in the rain forest wearing beads and very little clothing– this is due to the warm, humid climate. Overtime their people became accustomed to this climate, and found it to their advantage to do this in order to adapt. Humans wearing very little clothing are more likely to survive than those wearing a lot. A science example of this is the fur on rabbits in the Arctic; they will survive because their fur keeps them warm without their fur they would die off. Although Baraka shows very beautiful parts of the world, it also shows the negative impacts that humans have caused overtime. An example of this was the destruction of mountains in order to get fuel sources.

11/20 Blog- Presquile Fieldtrip

While on the Presquile field-trip we were able to experience what having solar energy would be like. I learned that environmentally, solar energy is a lot better, and over time economically-wise it is also better. The cabins we stayed in were powered by the solar panels. In the cabins there was no form of plumping, so the waste collected and reused.. (ew) The water in the sinks was also reused so we had to use organic soaps and tooth pastes in order to keep from harming the plants and life that would then use the water. The island was beautiful, and looked untouched by humans (leave no trail). We were able to explore Presquile, and experience all it had to offer– from walking to canoeing! At the end of the first day we were able to sit back and relax at the campfire and spend time with truly astonishing people.  I think this was a great opportunity, and I am beyond happy I was able to be a part of it. Without a doubt this field trip brought me closer to the idea that the earth is here for our survival so we need to protect it. I would defiantly encourage next year’s APES students to attend, and the administrators at Hermitage should continue to allow this field trip because it was a great way to learn the material in class in a more relatable manner.

Over population



The following picture depicts two opposite living things arguing. I think this is the main thing, among other thing, that over population will lead to– opposing opinions. Not everyone agrees and when the world reaches a certain over capacity no one will agree on how to distribute the few remaining resources among each other. For example, space would be a huge problem. In the picture it shows the man arguing with a rabbit over cutting down a tree. Cutting down the tree would benefit the man by helping him build more businesses; however, the tree is also home to the rabbit. This is just one of the problems overpopulation would cause.

My World View

My world view is environmental wisdom because we depend heavily on resources provided to us by nature to complete are everyday activities. We depend on nature for many important things from material to build the roofs we sit under, to the air we breath to stay alive. Our lives are made possible through nature’s gifts. I do not see my worldview changing in 15 years unless we find a different way of obtaining oxygen or various resources to keep our economy moving; however I do hope people will begin to view our environment differently, and make protecting our environment a main priority,


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Over the summer I visited Chincoteague Island, Virginia. The amazing thing is that in 1962 a winter storm hit the island and most of Assateague Island was covered by water, but the island has been preserved. This island is known for the Assateague ponies; they make up the major wildlife of Chincoteague. They are very taken care of; the Chincoteague Volunteer Fire Company (CVFC)  

uses some of the money they make at their annual pony auction to provide veterinary care for the horses. The climate here is characterized by humid summers, and mild winters. Chincoteague is a small town and it is not overly populated. Most of the people front this town tend to walk rather than drive, so it helps the environment from some air pollution. In addition, the Environmental Protection Agency began working to improve some pollution in January of 2004. Some things I observed were that

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(picture of me and my friend on one of the horses)


Over the summer I visited Orlando and Miami Florida.

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Although it is very beautiful, there are many environment issues. Due to it being overpopulated and a main place of tourism the pollution and waste there is very high. And to keep tourism up, many trees and natural sources are being cut down to build more buildings and attractions. Sure that’s great, but what is the negative effect? So far it causing Florida’s soil  to be naturally high in phosphorous. Coupled with fertilizer, this often has resulted in excessive phosphorus in water runoff to nearby bodies of water.

While there I went on a tour and they told us that it was illegal to cut down palm trees. Also, in many areas you must pay the government money if your yard isn’t “appealing”. This includes cutting your grass regularly, and maintaining trees and plants on your property. Which is good and bad. This is a way to keep Florida’s environment healthier, but in reality it’s a huge money problem for people who may not be able to afford regular yard keeping.


The day after tomorrow–

In this movie it shows that a new ice-age has formed through global cooling and extreme weather. The movie begins with an expedition in Antarctic where scientists find that global warming is occurring. The president and diplomats fail to believe Jack’s theories. However, buoys show that there is a tremendous drop in North-Atlantic ocean waters. This leads to violent weather. Overtime, New York turns into a polar subarctic city. The movie ends with astronauts looking down to earth and seeing in almost entirely covered by ice.

This movie really made me realize the severity of global warming. It’s frightening how fast their lives changed, and that just because they failed to take care of the environment many of them were killed by this catastrophes. My opinion on this is that it could really happen, maybe not as severely, but it could. I think that if global warming continues it could affect us almost the same way. It could lead to colder temperature year round, and eventually lead to another ice age.


The following quote comes from a twitter update from  “”.

“I don’t want to protect the environment, I want to create a world where the environment doesn’t need protecting.”

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I really like, and agree, with this post. I feel that we not only have to protect the environment; we also need to change a lot of our ways in order to improve it. For example; reducing usage of cars, decreasing need to factories, limiting the wasting of our resources, reducing pollution, recycling. By doing this we would not only be helping ourselves, but also, everyone else and the people to come. We must thing of a way to fit doing things for the environment a regular routine so it is never a problem or question because the world is in our hands.


Over the summer, one of the places I visited was Yorktown beach. I went paddle boarding! I realized one of the main “wildlife” there were jellyfish after being painfully stung. The environment there seemed to be a lot more taken care of than it is in, for example, Virginia Beach. There was little, if any, pollution in the water, but that could also be due to the fact that there were A LOT of stinging jellyfish, so many people did not get in the water. They had numerous signs posted regarding water pollution. They did a lot to help keep the water clean. There weren’t any obvious signs of pollution either, and when there was there were people on boats collecting what ever little trash was found. In color, as well, the water appeared clearer than most beaches in Virginia. Also, most of the people visiting were either riding bikes or walking so that took a lot away from pollution caused by cars.

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I’m Karina Vences.

The main reason I choose to take AP Environmental Science is because I love learning about the environment. Learning how things originate in the world is my favorite part of science. I am really looking forward to learn how humans have changed, and are still changing, the world today!

Sustainability- the ability to continue a defined behavior indefinitely

What does environmental sustainability mean in the context of my life? It means that doing any little thing will help to reduce negative effects on the environment. Some ways to do this are: renewable resources, recycling, and reducing pollution.

What have I witnessed or experienced regarding environmental sustainability? Nonrenewable resources are running out which makes them really expensive (gas prices). Also, due to factories, and cars air pollution continues to increase