Baraka- 2/1/2015

  • What messages do you get from the film “Baraka”? How does this relate to AP Environmental Science? I think Baraka shows how humans can thrive in the same world, but in different biomes through adaption and customs.The film showed multiple tribes and groups doing the same thing (living and attempting to thrive) but in different ways. It showed how human culture can lead humans to find different ways to adapt to their surroundings. This is closely related to what we study in class because it is a form of adaptation and survival of the fittest. For example the video showed tribes in the rain forest wearing beads and very little clothing– this is due to the warm, humid climate. Overtime their people became accustomed to this climate, and found it to their advantage to do this in order to adapt. Humans wearing very little clothing are more likely to survive than those wearing a lot. A science example of this is the fur on rabbits in the Arctic; they will survive because their fur keeps them warm without their fur they would die off. Although Baraka shows very beautiful parts of the world, it also shows the negative impacts that humans have caused overtime. An example of this was the destruction of mountains in order to get fuel sources.

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