11/20 Blog- Presquile Fieldtrip

While on the Presquile field-trip we were able to experience what having solar energy would be like. I learned that environmentally, solar energy is a lot better, and over time economically-wise it is also better. The cabins we stayed in were powered by the solar panels. In the cabins there was no form of plumping, so the waste collected and reused.. (ew) The water in the sinks was also reused so we had to use organic soaps and tooth pastes in order to keep from harming the plants and life that would then use the water. The island was beautiful, and looked untouched by humans (leave no trail). We were able to explore Presquile, and experience all it had to offer– from walking to canoeing! At the end of the first day we were able to sit back and relax at the campfire and spend time with truly astonishing people.  I think this was a great opportunity, and I am beyond happy I was able to be a part of it. Without a doubt this field trip brought me closer to the idea that the earth is here for our survival so we need to protect it. I would defiantly encourage next year’s APES students to attend, and the administrators at Hermitage should continue to allow this field trip because it was a great way to learn the material in class in a more relatable manner.


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