Over the summer, one of the places I visited was Yorktown beach. I went paddle boarding! I realized one of the main “wildlife” there were jellyfish after being painfully stung. The environment there seemed to be a lot more taken care of than it is in, for example, Virginia Beach. There was little, if any, pollution in the water, but that could also be due to the fact that there were A LOT of stinging jellyfish, so many people did not get in the water. They had numerous signs posted regarding water pollution. They did a lot to help keep the water clean. There weren’t any obvious signs of pollution either, and when there was there were people on boats collecting what ever little trash was found. In color, as well, the water appeared clearer than most beaches in Virginia. Also, most of the people visiting were either riding bikes or walking so that took a lot away from pollution caused by cars.

photo 3 photo 2


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