Over the summer I visited Orlando and Miami Florida.

photo 4

photo 2

Although it is very beautiful, there are many environment issues. Due to it being overpopulated and a main place of tourism the pollution and waste there is very high. And to keep tourism up, many trees and natural sources are being cut down to build more buildings and attractions. Sure that’s great, but what is the negative effect? So far it causing Florida’s soil  to be naturally high in phosphorous. Coupled with fertilizer, this often has resulted in excessive phosphorus in water runoff to nearby bodies of water.

While there I went on a tour and they told us that it was illegal to cut down palm trees. Also, in many areas you must pay the government money if your yard isn’t “appealing”. This includes cutting your grass regularly, and maintaining trees and plants on your property. Which is good and bad. This is a way to keep Florida’s environment healthier, but in reality it’s a huge money problem for people who may not be able to afford regular yard keeping.


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  1. This is really interesting! I love that you posted about this. Be sure if you are using resources, that you cite where you get the information, especially if it is word-for-word. Remember, Wikipedia is not a reliable source for content!


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