The day after tomorrow–

In this movie it shows that a new ice-age has formed through global cooling and extreme weather. The movie begins with an expedition in Antarctic where scientists find that global warming is occurring. The president and diplomats fail to believe Jack’s theories. However, buoys show that there is a tremendous drop in North-Atlantic ocean waters. This leads to violent weather. Overtime, New York turns into a polar subarctic city. The movie ends with astronauts looking down to earth and seeing in almost entirely covered by ice.

This movie really made me realize the severity of global warming. It’s frightening how fast their lives changed, and that just because they failed to take care of the environment many of them were killed by this catastrophes. My opinion on this is that it could really happen, maybe not as severely, but it could. I think that if global warming continues it could affect us almost the same way. It could lead to colder temperature year round, and eventually lead to another ice age.


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